eGIS Keywords

A database explaining important keywords and involved institutions in the eGIS+ project. Persons involved are presented in the eGIS Persons database, and the produced recourses are found in the eGIS Resources database

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Gjøvik University College

One of the university colleges in Norway, located in the city of Gjøvik, 120 km north of Oslo.

GIS Games

This is games that either uses GIS or (even better) learn the persons who uses the games something about GIS.

What is GIS?

GIS is an abbreviation for Geographical Information System. According to Chrisman2002 GIS is "A system of hardware, software, data, people, organizations and institutional arrangements for collecting, storing, analyzing and disseminating information about areas of the earth."

GIS Examples

Here you can find a few examples of the use of GIS.

eGIS keywords

Here some of the important words for navigating in the resources are found

GIS Education

Education related to GIS are found in lots of universities.
Lund University

Lund University

One of the most important universities in Sweden. The GIS Centrum Lund offers GIS teaching both to campus students and off-campus students.

eGIS Partners

A company/institution participating in the eGIS+ Project.

Norwegian Mapping and Cadaster Authority

The institution responsible for mapping and cadaster in Norway. Norwegian name: Statens kartverk.

Solar Terrestrial Influences Laboratory

The name of the eGIS partner in Sofia, Bulgaria.
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