eGIS Keywords

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Find Data

Find data

Geographical data are expensive to produce. Using existing data is much easier than producing your own.

Test yourself

A GIS test will give you an impression of how good you are "to GIS"

eGIS+ Project

This is a Leonardo da Vinci-funded project running from late 2007 until late 2009.

GIS in Use

GIS can be used in several ways. Follow the links, to see some exaples.
Online Maps

Online Maps

Online Map is a web site where you can view a map, choose content and zoom and pan to find an area and a resolution suitable for you.


A GeoPortal is a web site where you can learn about maps, view maps and possibly also download maps for local use on your own equipment.
GIS Principles

GIS Principles and Components

Lund University / GIS Centre has made some video lectures explaining important principles of GIS.
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